I am Design

November 14, 2008

design is my first love

Design is my first love

August 27, 2008

My name is Silondile Jali

I am a creative designer/ visual communicator and graphic expressor.
My intention is to articulate life, love and emotions in full colour.

The process of creatively constructing ‘work’ as an artistic outlet, is something I love.
Through a variety of projects, I demonstrate diverse and alternative categories of graphic design. The collection consists of my personal style of expressions and ideas.

African-Alternative Band

February 22, 2010

Poster and A5 Flyers for Durban African Alternative band, playing a collective mix of jazz, hip hop and maskanda sounds.

The band

February 15, 2010


January 21, 2010

Some of my favourite people at my fabourite spot doing one of my fabourite things – Hippity Hopping!

NinetoFive is a party concept that i got to design the flyer for, and designig is my favourite thing to do.
The image is of one of our best exports, MaMa Afrika herself – the late Miriam Makeba.
It was taken while she was in Guinea – hence the extravagant hairdo. (http://www.miriammakeba.co.za)
Who better to represent female lovers of real good music?

pecha kucha

January 12, 2010

having had the asbolute pleasure of doing a presentation at the 2nd Pecha Kucha Durban,
I got the opportunity to produce the invite for the first PK of 2010!
This year is off to an absolute blast!


January 12, 2010

so one of my brothers in creativity, hooked up a team of people a, few advertisers, taregeted campuses all over durban and called it verb.

After the publication’s second edition, i offered to help design their cover and athough it didnt work out that way – i had way too much fun designing this.

Beautiful D'urban City life

expecting something?

July 21, 2009

i was asked to quickly put together an baby shower invite by the HR department at work, as one of their team members was expecting. i was directed by a cute design i found on the net, and made some alterations to suit my purpose….needless to say im still waiting for a thank you from HR.

baby shower invite

baby shower invite

house of good vibes

July 2, 2009

so i moved out of a toxic living enviroment, ended a soul suffocating frendship and found the house of good vibes, this is the invite for my house warming.


skill is almost talent

March 4, 2009

this is aprt of a series i designed to illustrate the core five elements of a good designer.
this one being skill to highlight the difference between someone who has skill and someone who has talent.

Skill ( the hand illustration)

Skill ( the hand illustration)

Skill ( the illustrated design)

Skill ( the illustrated design)