Design is my first love

August 27, 2008

My name is Silondile Jali

I am a creative designer/ visual communicator and graphic expressor.
My intention is to articulate life, love and emotions in full colour.

The process of creatively constructing ‘work’ as an artistic outlet, is something I love.
Through a variety of projects, I demonstrate diverse and alternative categories of graphic design. The collection consists of my personal style of expressions and ideas.


2 Responses to “Design is my first love”

  1. khula...yoyo said

    yo baby, im so deeply proud o u.proud 2 call u ma girl, my sister, my homie. slowy,yo work is lovely girl, its awesome, when i also make it 2 yo level, just know you were my no.1 inspiration!you inspire me very much, you r the best, keep it up! love you, yo girl yoyo.mwncaah!

  2. Natalija said

    It’s a pleasure to find your site, although it appears to be sleeping somewhat. Look me up because I’d like to talk to you about design, Africa and all things colourful and beautiful. x

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