January 21, 2010

Some of my favourite people at my fabourite spot doing one of my fabourite things – Hippity Hopping!

NinetoFive is a party concept that i got to design the flyer for, and designig is my favourite thing to do.
The image is of one of our best exports, MaMa Afrika herself – the late Miriam Makeba.
It was taken while she was in Guinea – hence the extravagant hairdo. (
Who better to represent female lovers of real good music?



January 12, 2010

so one of my brothers in creativity, hooked up a team of people a, few advertisers, taregeted campuses all over durban and called it verb.

After the publication’s second edition, i offered to help design their cover and athough it didnt work out that way – i had way too much fun designing this.

Beautiful D'urban City life

sawubona series

November 17, 2008

Emzansi, people used to have the kind of mentality that it was rude & disrepectful to walk past someone and not greet. To greet in our culture, is to simply acknowledge someone as existing. In our most formal greeting structure, a traditional handshake always accompanies the verbal greeting.
As such, different and more informal, street and colloquialist forms of handshaking developed.

Sawubona series

Sawubona series


Sawubona series: unjani?


Sawubona series: ngiGrand!

ziyasha. sure!

Sawubona series: ziyasha. sure!

uAphelele noSiphelele

November 17, 2008


uMemulo kaSiphelele noAphelele: front invite

uMemulo kaSiphelele noAphelele

uMemulo kaSiphelele noAphelele: back invite

In Bantu tradition, there is a rite of passage called ukuMula that every young lady must pass.In modern times, this has become aligned with the 21st birthday and or the graduation celebrations of a young woman
The intention of umemulo is to officially mark the end of childhood and a begining of womanhood

This is an invite for a set of Swati twins on their day. The invite card was intended to be reminscent of a postcard, highlighting the twins own personal journey into womanhood.

tree of life

November 17, 2008

tree of life

a tree with solid roots will flower many seeds...

amaJali amahle

November 17, 2008

I had a mission to collect all members of the Jali clan on Facebook and for us to discuss our similar/ different histories, stories and izithakazelo. Though we never made our discussions public, it was beautiful to see similar characteristics of these two sides of one clan coin, being a clan of dual origins of amaZulu and amaPondo.

amaJali amahle

amaJali amahle