pecha kucha

January 12, 2010

having had the asbolute pleasure of doing a presentation at the 2nd Pecha Kucha Durban,
I got the opportunity to produce the invite for the first PK of 2010!
This year is off to an absolute blast!


let love live!

November 17, 2008

This design is part of another project that i’ve been working on, called Push uThando Movement. its exactly about that: endorsing love . I designed these pieces of love-expression and their final product is going to be a series of love-cards…

If you understand isiZulu: this piece is called mas’bambane.



sawubona series

November 17, 2008

Emzansi, people used to have the kind of mentality that it was rude & disrepectful to walk past someone and not greet. To greet in our culture, is to simply acknowledge someone as existing. In our most formal greeting structure, a traditional handshake always accompanies the verbal greeting.
As such, different and more informal, street and colloquialist forms of handshaking developed.

Sawubona series

Sawubona series


Sawubona series: unjani?


Sawubona series: ngiGrand!

ziyasha. sure!

Sawubona series: ziyasha. sure!